The complete ballet fitness workout

20130501-590-ExtensionRoom-5Would you like the length, posture and flexibility of a ballet dancer? Are traditional dance classes too intimidating? The Extension Method strips away the tulle and satin to reveal the muscle of classical ballet technique. An accessible workout for everyone, regardless of dance or fitness background, this program challenges every aspect of fitness.

The Extension Method™ is an innovative ballet fitness class of physical conditioning and rehabilitative techniques based on the fundamentals of classical ballet. Conceived by Jennifer Nichols, professional dancer and fitness specialist, The Extension Method™ combines classical ballet technique with fitness conditioning to impart the strength, posture, ease of movement, and sculpted physique of a dancer. The method is adapted for individually tailored fitness classes as well as group sessions. Exercises are built upon establishing a strong, healthy ‘core’, giving an individual confidence on a physical level to both protect and challenge the body while participating in sport or in everyday life.

The Extension Method™s unique formula targets various elements of fitness:

About Jennifer

JENNIFER NICHOLS, Owner and Founder of Extension MethodJennifer Nichols, professional dancer and founder of The Extension Method™, is a CanFit Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Elite Athletics Coach. She is a guest teacher for corporate fitness centres and schools, lecturer and presenter, recently appearing on City TV’s Breakfast Television and CBC’s ‘Living in Toronto’. Jennifer’s Extension Method Class has been profiled with glowing reviews in the National Post, The Toronto Star, FASHION Magazine, the KIT magazine, Best Health magazine and WHERE Toronto, and has been featured in online publications and

Jennifer’s work has extended to the realm of professional sport, where she has developed cross-training programs for national competitive synchronized swimming and figure skating teams.

Originally from Collingwood, Ontario, Jennifer Nichols is a graduate of the Quinte Ballet School, where she completed her studies and major examinations as a dancer under the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Cecchetti method. Jennifer furthered her dance education at L’Ecole Superieure de Danse du Quebec and her post graduate studies with Ballet BC. She has danced professionally with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Ontario Ballet Theatre and Banff Festival Dance and has worked with several contemporary Canadian choreographers, including David Earle, Robert Desrosiers, Wen Wei Wang, Newton Moraes and Roberto Campanella.

Jennifer continues to dance professionally, as an independent artist and co-director/ founder of the dance company ‘Hit & Run Dance Productions‘. She is also a member of Atelier Ballet, the corps de ballet of Canada’s acclaimed Baroque opera company, Opera Atelier, with whom she travelled in the 2012 season to perform at the Royal Opera at Versailles, France, and the prestigious Glimmerglass Festival in N.Y. She returns with Opera Atelier to perform at Versailles this month (May 2014), in its acclaimed production of Persee.

Jennifer’s performance and choreography can also be seen in several film and television productions. Onscreen choreography credits include the CW’s hit show REIGN (current) and the film ‘Barney’s Version’. She was a feature dancer in the BRAVO film ‘Nureyev’, BRAVO Fact ‘Baba’, Paramount feature film ‘Save the Last Dance 2’, SUN T.V.’s ‘Toronto Dances’ and the National Film Board’s ‘Dance of Death’.