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‘Allegro’ (from the musical & ballet terminology)- rather quick; meaning brisk, lively. A term applied to all bright, fast, or brisk movements.

A high energy class covering all elements of the Extension Method’s program. ALLEGRO Ballet Bootcamp defines classical ballet ‘with an edge and an extra kick’, building cardiovascular stamina and muscular endurance. This is a dynamic full body workout conducted away from the barre for an added balance challenge. Plie, jete and pirouette your way to strength and length!

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‘Developpe’ (from the ballet terminology)-“developed,” or “unfolded” with control; in ballet, a smooth, gradual unfolding of the leg.

Conducted at a slower pace, DEVELOPPE SCULPT brings attention to alignment, correct posture, and controlled muscular endurance. Those who wish to develop the long and lean muscle tone of the ballet dancer will be challenged with a series of exercises at the ballet barre, on the mat and stability ball. This class incorporates the use of free weights and resistance bands. It is a no impact workout focusing on controlled adagio movement. DEVELOPPE SCULPT is designed to bring awareness to spinal and pelvic alignment, and increase extension.

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‘Barre’ (from the ballet terminology)- A barre is a stationary handrail that is used during ballet warmup exercises. The term also refers to the exercises that are performed at the barre, as well as that part of a ballet class that incorporates barre exercises.

The ultimate barre fitness workout, BARRE 101 guides participants through a full hour series of the traditional classical ballet barre with a fitness twist. Using the barre as a tool for developing balance and strength on one leg, this class fine tunes muscles in isolation and allows for concentrated focus on alignment. A full body workout from head to toe, participants will also benefit from building a foundation they may apply to classes conducted away from the barre, such as Allegro and Coda.

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‘Adagio’ (from the musical terminology)- a tempo having slow movement; restful at ease.

Using classical ballet’s timeless strategies for extending range of motion, ADAGIO STRETCH is a gentle class which progresses through a stretch series on the mat and ballet barre. Participants will discover new strategies for releasing tension, increasing flexibility and developing healthy posture. This class focuses on co-ordination of musical phrasing and breath to move deeper into each stretch, side bend and pile.

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‘Ronde’ (traditional definition)- round; (from the musical terminology)- a dance in the round; (from the ballet terminology) rond de jambe- circle of the leg

This ‘ballet on the ball’ class incorporates a stability ball to greater challenge balance and pelvic alignment through a series of ballet enchainments. LA RONDE uses spherical, circular movement to develop spatial awareness and postural strength. Students will use the ball for supported leg extension and hip opening exercises, to challenge balance and upper body strength. The class concludes with an invigorating, deep stretch sequence, using the support of the ball to open the chest and release the back.

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‘Core’ (traditional definition)- the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything; ‘Port de Bras’ (from the ballet terminology)- The technique or practice of positioning and moving the arms in ballet and the exercises for developing this technique; the correct carriage of the arms

Designed to develop the supple, strong core and sculpted, lean arms of a ballet dancer, CLASSICAL CORE & PORT DE BRAS identifies and isolates the muscles traditionally overlooked in most fitness programs. Using aids such as resistance bands and light free weights, this class encourages the use of the intrinsic muscles to develop balanced strength and definition rather than mass. Discover why Swan Lake is harder on the arms than the legs…well, almost.

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‘Coda’ (from the ballet terminology)- literally “tail”; as in music, a Coda is a passage which brings a movement or a separate piece to a conclusion. In ballet there are many famous codas, such as Le Corsaire Pas de Deux. Swan Lake has the Black Swan Pas de Deux where the dancer performs the famous 32 fouettes en tournant.

An intense, dynamic class which pushes cardiovascular endurance and stamina to the max, CODA CARDIO reflects its ballet connotations. The ‘Coda’, in ballet class or at the thrilling conclusion of a classical production, brings everything to a climax and pushes movement to the extreme. CODA is an exciting challenge for those wishing to push their skill and stamina to the next level.

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Early if you are the Early Bird, and by noon if you are rolling Saturday night into Sunday morning…

Do not be deterred! The Extension Method™ Masterclasses are not designed for a particular skill or fitness level, but simply provide that ‘extra kick’ at the end of week to gear you up for the next or detox from the weekend’s enjoyments. They are 1.5 hours instead of 1.0, to bring out that extra bit of sweat and challenge your stamina and endurance. Which means you are not required to be a ‘DANCE MASTER’ to attend, simply a ‘DANCE LOVER’, willing to dedicate a significant amount of time to fitness on your precious Sunday. Join us.

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Improve vitality, mobility & quality of life with Pilates

Pilates is a body conditioning routine originally developed by Joesph Pilates in the early 20th century. A series of exercises following the six principles of concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing; the goal is to build strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. Associated with dancers, and long lean muscles, pilates strengthens the abdominals and back, while toning the hips, legs, shoulders and arms. It is a form of low impact exercise.

Workouts here at The Extension Room will focus on developing a strong core, realigning your spine, and improving coordination and balance, leaving you standing taller and feeling more confident! Offering both pilates on the mat and on the reformer (spring resistance based machine unique to pilates), sessions will offer you a variety of ways to challenge how you workout, and help improve the way you move and feel throughout the day.

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